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Hesh has been posted by this bridge since it was first built. No one knows this spot quite like this dutiful bridge troll, who reports every detail that can be gathered to Superintendent of the Universe. But Hesh is not one to speak for the train or the oil it carries, the river, the rocks, or the particles of pollution. Ey prefers to act as a conduit for their songs. Weaving together the sung portrait of this spot across time and the elements to reveal the complex tangle of human structures and natural processes that make up the world as we inhabit it.

  • Appropriate for all ages - recommended for ages 8 and up
  • Ask about Train-ing as a fundraiser.

Hold Space for  a Performance

In Philadelphia

I am available to perform at the original site in Bartram's Garden. When you contact me for your group or organization suggest some possible dates at least 2 weeks in advance. 

Book Train-ing as private programing for a field trip organization or retreat $75 - $300


Help get the word out in your networks and make it a fundraiser. %50 split of donations.  


On Tour in 2018

I will be adapting the show for different regions and performing under freight bridges all over the US and Canada. But first I need your help to find suitable locations and local environmental / historical / educational / religious organizations to partner with. Reach out to help organize a performance in your area. 


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Book to play music 

Tell me about your event or venue. With a repertoire of more than 30 original songs I can pull together a thoughtful and affecting set for just about any occasion. I play solo sets with vocals, looping, and guitar. 

Book eppchez! as a speaker or to lead a workshop


  • Unlearning Prejudice: noticing and transforming patterns of subconscious bias.  


  • Bleach Stains: The construction and defensive postures of American Whiteness; one Jewish & Cuban  Quaker's experience with passing as White in lefty, elite America.  


  • Letting things ripen. Waiting worship and Quaker  as part of artistic process. 


  • Inventing non-binary sexuality: junk that speaks to my condition, art objects to pack with.