Eppchez is an insightful and hilarious writer-director, and the actors had me gutturally guffawing for much of their performance. "They Extract!" is a show that stayed with me long after I left the theater.
- Morgan FitzPatrick-Andrews

Super on the fringe narrative based theatre. beautiful DIY feel with A LOT of heart. This is a type of story and way of story telling that you won't find anywhere else in Philly. Just check it before its short run is through!
- Kevin Meehan

What if we explored the dialectic between capitalist exploitation and our drive for human connection, on stage, with a myriad of tools of theatrical exploration masterfully employed, and with good humor to boot? We might have a damn beautiful mess of a play is what.
A thing recalling Kubrick and Bollywood and Chaplin and American Melodrama and youtellmewhatelse.. And I suspect, a thing which will echo in new Philly work in the coming years as audience-creators gleefully steal elements from it. Extract, even.
- Gil Johnson

...every aspect of it (the acting, writing, powerful simple set with evocative lights/projections/shadows) is absolutely wonderful - simultaneously heartwarming and terrifying. I left feeling inspired and exhausted in the good way. Emotional labor, romantic love, familial love, loss, trauma, obligation and exploitation, bodies...still thinking about it this morning.
- Gibbs