This show is an earnest and admirable production by a talented artist who uses costumes brilliantly, as if they were puppets, and uses puppets brilliantly, as if they were costumes. Eppchez! is engaging and intelligent, and owns air space like a second, more-comfortable home.

- David Hodges

Eppchez! has created a historically fascinating and modernly relevant show about gender nonconformity, colonization, and so much more. While weaving together two incredible historical narratives with modern reflections on gender and history, Eppchez! made me laugh and learn

- Sahroo Eppler-Epstein

Publik Private is a fascinating, educational, funny, and empowering story of two figures whose vibrant, adventurous lives prove that the world has always had people who defy typical gender roles and identities by living their unapologetic truths.

- Gina Renzi


The infernal and the saintly collide in a bold intertwining of two adventures too wild to be fictional. Publik Private is a show that smashes the binary in more ways than one: out and passing, chaste and carnal, pacifist and warmonger, hero and villain, thwarted imperialist and well-intentioned gentrifier. With a wry smile, Eppchez dances between the polar opposites of these two trans lives, and joins them together in something tender, irreverent, and all too human.

- Mary Tuomanen