They Extract!

This project is being produced for May 2016
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So far there are 4 parallel scores:
Director's Score
Vera's Score
Woolen's Score
Pop-Pop's Score

Junk Redemption

This project Is at an overhaul revising stage
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DEMAND Chains (screenplay)

This project is at an outlining and pre-first-draft stage. It keeps changing

Dezie contracts a new very contagious disease. Symptoms include a nasty rash on the palms and  hallucinations of the commodity chains of everything a infected person touches. 

as if we need another white P.O.V.

This project is in at a brainstorming stage. 
I'm not yet sure if this is theater or film/s -maybe both. Demystifying the act of noticing  one's own biases. Drawn from my experiences of practicing awareness of my biases.